Meaghan Kirby
Updated Oct 11, 2017 @ 5:04 pm

Well friends, now that the latest — and probably last — trailer for The Last Jedi is out, it’s time to go full Nancy Drew, because we have some serious sleuthing to do.

Since the trailer and a new poster were released on Monday, fans have been looking for clues inside the deeper Star Wars canon like they’re trying to solve the Secret of the Old Clock. While there have been plenty of theories emerging about whether Rey goes dark, or if Luke holds the key to defeating Snoke, there’s one fan theory that’s been making serious waves among Star Wars fans.

You see, many fans believe that the positioning on the new poster is deliberate — with the characters making up Darth Vader’s mask.

We have to say, it’s pretty compelling when you think about it. Especially considering Kylo Ren’s obsession with his grandfather as the key to his allegiance to the dark side.

However, Mark Hamill has decided to weigh in on the matter, and unfortunately for Star Wars conspiracy buffs, this is not the theory you’re looking for.

The actor took to his social media platforms to debunk the theory, with a joking play on words from the trailer. Alongside a series of “fake” posters, the actor wrote, “I’ve seen this raw sarcasm only once before…It didn’t scare me enough then…It DOES NOW!!!”

Either Hamill is playing the ultimate Jedi mind trick on us — and frankly, that wouldn’t be surprising — or we’ve just missed the mark on this one.

While, admittedly, we thought it was a pretty compelling theory — while also a bit of a stretch — it seems it’s just the work of some really creative Twitter user. Well, we guess we better pull out the magnifying glasses and keep looking for that perfect theory.

All (or none) of our questions will be answered when The last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th.