Bethany Biron
Updated Nov 27, 2016 @ 10:24 am
Credit: Disney

There’s something great about catching insider nods to your favorite classic films when seeing a new movie. That’s why we love that Disney’s latest film, Moana, left us with not just one, but several Easter eggs to uncover.

In case you missed it, Moana is Disney’s newest animated musical. It chronicles the journey of young girl leaving home in an effort to save her people with the help of her comrade, Maui.

Part of what makes it great is its subtle shout-outs to the great Disney films before it. In a list compiled by Bustle, we learned there are six major Easter eggs, the first belonging to Sven from Frozen.

When Maui reunites with his magic hook, he transforms into other creatures, including everyone’s favorite reindeer, Sven. (While directors previously stated Olaf also made an appearance, no one has found him…yet!)

Then we have not one, but two nods to The Little Mermaid. At one point in the movie, a crab named Tamatoa is left stuck on his back by the tag team duo of Moana and Maui. He starts griping that they would help him if he “were smaller, red and had a Caribbean accent. Now who is that reminding us of?

If you keep your eyes peeled, you may also find Flounder swimming around, though it is still unclear at what point the fish appears. However, film directors Ron Clement and John Musker, who have long worked for Disney, told Buzzfeed that Flounder would indeed make an appearance.

Are there others? You betcha. At the end, after the credits and before the post-credits scene, a drawing of Ralph from Wreck it Ralph appears. Another more obscure Easter egg is a brief appearance by Flash, the sloth from Zootopia, who is disguised in the underworld in a mask, and with several arms.

We don’t know about you, but sounds like we need to go back and watch it again to catch all of these!