Rachel Paige
April 11, 2017 11:22 am

Later this week, we’re going to learn all sorts of amazing and awesome things about Star Wars at the giant Star Wars convention, Star Wars Celebration. While we’re *probably* going to get our first glimpse at Last Jedi during this four-day event, it seems that one thing might have already slipped out — so, possible spoilers ahead — and you’re going to want to hear this: Multiple BB-8’s.

Not just one ‘lil round, adorable droid, but MANY ‘lil round, adorable droids. Who has been reading our Star Wars dream journal??

According to a new story from Making Star Wars (who are usually pretty good with their Star Wars intel), sadly, best friends Poe Dameon and BB-8 are going to be separated for much of Last Jedi. They’re going to have to cram in buddy time later, when the galaxy is free and safe again.

But as for our BB, it sounds like he might actually be competing for Poe’s affection (yeah, same) because Last Jedi will introduce us to “Resistance BB units.” However, as Marking Star Wars notes, they aren’t as cute and cuddly as our favorite droid, because these ones are “almost steam punk in design. Their look is very brassy and beat up and they’re in contrast to the First Order BB units that are black with red hot vents on the side of the body.”

Also to note: There are First Order BBs. Honestly, the more BBs the better.

Making Star Wars shares that OG BB is actually hanging out with Finn for most of the movie, and “we still aren’t sure if Poe will fly with one of the new brass Resistance BB droids or if BB-8 will return in time for a reunion flight with Poe.”


Listen, as long as they’re reunited at the end of the battle, that’s all that matters. Bring on the rest of the BBs.