Bethany Biron
Updated Dec 18, 2016 @ 9:58 am
Credit: Warner Bros

Twitter is all about its fun hashtag wordplay games, and the latest one is really leaving us feeling festive.

The social network asked users to use the hashtag #MakeAFilmBeAboutChristmas to transform regular, run-of-the-mill film into holiday renditions. We gotta say, some people got impressively creative with it. It sort of makes us wish every movie ever created could solely be about the holidays. Or at least makes us want to convince the filmmakers to consider a new Christmas sequel.

Here are some of our favorites from the latest Twitter hashtag war.

This one is almost too perfect. It was pretty much made to be transformed into a Christmas film. Plus, Tom Selleck would make a great wise man. (That moustache!)

For the men in our lives who really hate yule logs. We know they can be quite divisive.

Cameron Diaz gets biblical.

We’d love to see Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman visit baby Jesus, reporter’s notebooks in tow.

A more fitting name for Kevin Costner.

A movie with a bunch of Westerners wearing ugly Christmas sweaters is definitely one we’d want to see.

Can we just say, Renée Zellweger would make a great elf.

Must be one impressive advent calendar.

A very musical yule log.

For when Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray lose their holiday gifts.

Some people even decided to get a bit scary with it.

We’re not sure we’d be able to look at an evergreen tree the same way again.

A shark with a Santa hat on is weirdly kind of cute. Until it’s devouring you.

For when your sister knows you re-gifted that lotion. (Sorry!) false

We would definitely see He’s Just Not That Into Yule.

Well,we got our fill of belly laughs with this amazing Twitter hashtag. Let’s see what else we can make about Christmas.