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As if anything to do with the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie WOULDN’T make us smile, HONESTLY. But even still, when Josh Gad, Luke Evans, and Alan Menken burst into song at a press conference promoting Beauty and the Beast, we smiled extra. Like, beamed. And squealed a little, maybe, not that you can prove it. These guys singing the famous Beauty and the Beast song is easily one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen, and that’s only partly because it involves Luke Evans’ face. The trio sang a spontaneous rendition of “Gaston” and to be perfectly honest, our lives will never be the same.

Behold, the musical stylings of the ~real~ Gaston, LeFou, and the legendary man who wrote the music in the first place. We admit it, we’re fangirling just a BIT.

We would’ve been okay even if it hadn’t been so darn spontaneous and endearing, but we were especially smitten with the silly ad-libbing. We love seeing the casts of our fave movies and TV shows having fun together, and this was a prime example. At one point, Gad sings:

What’s even more exciting is that we found out recently that there’s apparently a “treasure trove” of lyrics written for “Gaston” that didn’t make the final cut — but we’re going to hear some of them in the movie, which is like, wow. It’s like finding out there’s an episode of your childhood fav TV show you never saw and finally getting to see it after all this time.