Rachel Paige
June 20, 2016 3:59 pm
Brandon Wagner/Facebook

The father and son duo of Goofy and Max are the epitome of #FatherSonGoals, and we know this, because we wore out our 1995 Goofy Movie VHS. As we patiently wait for Disney to make our dreams come true with a live-action Goofy Movie (not really a thing, just a good idea), we’ll take whatever bit of Goofy and Max we can get.

And if the following doesn’t scream TURN A GOOFY MOVIE INTO A LIVE ACTION MOVIE, IDK what does.

In honor of Father’s Day, Goofy and Max took to the atrium of the Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Wonder, and put on their own Powerline concert of sorts. Remember Powerline, right? He’s only the best cartoon music sensation of the late 90s, and you still know all the words to “I2I” because you proudly have it on rotation through your iTunes.

Since the world is wonderful, Goofy and Max performed a totally choreographed routine to “I2I” — COMPLETE WITH THE PERFECT CAST.

Brandon Wagner/Facebook


They also busted out a lot of other cool, sweet dance moves.

Brandon Wagner/Facebook
Brandon Wagner/Facebook

If you’re ready to witness the whole thing yourself, the video is below. And cross your fingers that one day, soon, Disney and ALL OF US will be seeing eye to eye… and they’ll really make that live-action Goofy Movie.

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