Listen up High School Musical fanatics. Something momentous has happened. It’s been almost ten years since Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Ryan and Sharpay accepted their degrees from East High. But the kid who played young Troy Bolton in High School Musical 3 is still living the high school dream. He’s all grown up and just went to prom.

We know. You’re probably like, “little Troy is old enough to go to prom? Isn’t he still like, 8?”

Hey, we’re right there with you. He and little Chad Danforth stole the show in that junkyard scene during “The Boys Are Back.” That friendship handshake and chest bump was what really sealed the deal for us.

The great news about little Troy growing up is that he’s just as cute now as he was back then. His real name is Skyler Johnson btw, and looking at this pic of him and his date before prom is making us feel like proud mothers.

We have no doubt that Johnson and friends had “A Night to Remember,” and that he asked his beautiful date, “Can I Have This Dance,” more than just a couple of times. It’s so important to remember to be present — “Right Here, Right Now,” if you will — during prom. It’s a truly a magical, yet fleeting, moment!

According to TeenVogue, Johnson met up with HSM3’s co-choreographer last year at a taping of Dancing With The Stars. Are there possible reboot vibes in the air? Let’s keep our fingers crossed because we’d love to see little Troy Bolton reprise his role! Hint, hint, Disney Channel!