Given how Mean Girls is pretty much a perfect movie, it’s hard to imagine it literally any different. For instance, if Lindsay Lohan hadn’t played Cady (aka arguably her most famous role to date).

In a segment from Entertainment Weekly, Lohan shared that her eye was initially on a (strikingly) different role in the film. Recalling the time when she discussed the film with director Mark Waters, she was adamant about being Regina George!

We can totally see why Lohan would be attracted to the role of Regina, because she’s dripping with attitude and that would be a fun experience for an actor to dive into.

But we’re SO glad that Rachel McAdams was cast as Regina and that Waters talked Lohan into playing Cady, because that role is incredibly multi-layered. Cady goes from being sweet and vulnerable…

To owning her confidence and becoming a badass while figuring out who she truly wants to be.

Everything turned out for the best! And the fact that we never, ever tire of watching Mean Girls is a testament to the spot-on instincts of Waters as a director, and the strength of the story and all the characters.

To everything turning out exactly as it should have!