Emily Baines
January 22, 2017 7:27 am
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Eating disorders are a very serious issue. And we’re thrilled to hear that they are becoming a larger part of the cultural conversation. And one of the most pervasive locations for these discussions is the cineplex. Lily Collins stars in the film To The Bone which is about a girl’s battles with anorexia. This film was very important to Lily Collins, who admitted recently that she battled an eating disorder when she was a teenager.

As Lily Collins shared on Instagram:

Lily Collins then opened up to Variety about her battles:

As a survivor of an eating disorder, I have to say I related to Lily Collins’ words. Your eating disorder does not have to define you. And the people around you are key to your survival.

To The Bone is based off the real-life experiences of writer/director Marti Noxon, who also dealt with an eating disorder in her past. (You might remember Marti Noxon from her former projects, which include Buffy the Vampire Slayer and UnReal.) Keanu Reeves plays Lily Collins’ doctor in the film. This is an important film, and one we can’t wait to watch.