Meaghan Kirby
March 29, 2017 12:50 pm

Emma Watson is our dream BFF for many reasons including (but not limited to): Being an outspoken feminist, being hilarious, and caring about the environment. While promoting Beauty and the Beast, which is currently the BIGGEST movie in the world, Watson has been sharing her press journey with fans, opening up about her passion for sustainable fashion.

The Instagram page, @the_press_tour, which has been sharing behind the scenes photos and stories from the set and press tour for Beauty and the Beast, recently revealed Watson’s involvement in making sure her Belle costumes were environmentally friendly. As if we didn’t love her already!

According to her Instagram, the costume for “Something There” was created using as many sustainable products as possible. Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran, Eco-Age, and Disney all teamed up with Watson on the stunning eco friendly ensemble.

In her Instagram post, Watson, goes into detail describing every aspect of her “Something There” costume, from her hand-woven jacket, which was overdyed with low impact dyes, to the boots, which were produced, “using the most advanced environmentally respectful techniques, such as chrome-free tanning, and solvent-free finishing.”

In addition to her sustainable “Something There” look Watson has been using the_press_tour to promote sustainable and eco friendly brands, including Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, Stella McCartney, and Cienne.

We think it’s amazing that Watson is going out of her way to promote environmentally friendly brands as well as local sustainable merchants she finds along the way.

We love Beauty and the Beast and next time we watch it, we’ll love knowing that the costumes are not only stunning, but environmentally friendly as well!