Sarah Terry
Updated Sep 20, 2016 @ 11:13 am
"The Dressmaker" New York Screening
Credit: Steve Zak Photography / Getty

It’s easy to forget when we’re drooling over handsome men with ripped abs that they, like many of us, have to work super hard to get there. Getting ready to strut their stuff while scantily clad is no less terrifying as a man than it is as a woman, and Liam Hemsworth, who stars in the upcoming period piece The Dressmaker, reminded us of that very thing in a recent interview.

Liam Hemsworth revealed that he was VERY nervous about going shirtless in the film, and getting in shape was hard work.

Credit: Universal

Liam stars with Kate Winslet in the upcoming film The Dressmaker, where Kate plays a fashion designer who returns to her small hometown and updates the fashion of the town, including Liam’s, who plays her love interest in the film.

Liam reveals that he had a pretty intense diet regimen to prepare for the scene.

Liam and Kate did an interview together for E! News, and in it, Liam revealed that he followed a pretty strict diet to prepare for his shirtless scene. That’s probably not the healthiest way to get in shape, but luckily, after filming Liam admits that he immediately went somewhere to find chips (french fries) to eat, so it’s good to know the crazy diet lasted only until filming was through. Honestly, we’re not even sure why he went on a diet, because he looked pretty good to us before!

Now, Liam and Kate both giggle about it, which is so charming.

We can imagine that the only way to get through scenes like that has to be a sense of humor, and clearly Liam has plenty of that.

But hey, it’s good to take some risks, and Liam clearly feels pretty good about being shirtless now, because he just shared this adorable #TBT photo with Miley:

Lookin’ good then AND now, Liam!