Sharareh Drury
Updated Jan 29, 2017 @ 10:49 am
Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

The new Lego movie may have masked superhero Batman as the focus. But once you watch the new behind-the-scenes trailer for The Lego Batman Movie, you will see what we see: a new and hilarious Harley Quinn has arrived!

The love for Harley Quinn has grown to epic proportions over the past few years.

When Lego movie creators Phil Lord and Christopher Miller promised we’d see more female characters in the Lego Batman film, it’s no surprise Harley Quinn made the cut.

The new trailer, “Behind the Bricks,” starts by giving us an inside look at the world of Batman and his crime-fighting buddies, like adopted son Robin, butt-kicking Barbara Gordon, and even dutiful Alfred.

But Batman’s idea of the movie mismatches some of his friends’.

Maybe it’s about the “most famous butler in motion picture history” as Alfred notes, or one woman’s journey for justice, as Gordon explains.

Honestly? We think it is all an excuse to see Harley Quinn in Lego-form.

We first see Harley Quinn as she gleefully roller skates in the background during the Joker’s interview.

She chases chickens.

Eats a drumstick.

And basically gives us life.

As Quinn fools around, the “clown prince of crime” laments that Batman and the audience should see his “more sensitive side.”

Harley Quinn agrees, noting the Joker has got a great smile.

Though Harley Quinn doesn’t get her own interview (come on, directors!), we can tell she’s going to be memorable. We can’t wait to see more of her!

Watch the full vid right here:

The Lego Batman Movie comes out February 10th. Gotham stands ready!