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Need a Harry Potter refresher? Thanks to this Lego Harry Potter summary you can get your HP fix and be prepared to go see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them before you head to the theaters. Plus, it’s super fun, so why not watch it?

If you don’t think you have time to brush up on the wizarding world, don’t fret, this video is only a minute and a half.

The brilliant minds over at Lego animation, called Brotherhood Workshop, have teamed up with YouTube’s “How It Should Have Ended” to put together a Lego recap video of epic proportions and we are geeking out hard.

So what can you expect from the Lego-filled mini film? Well Harry, Hermione and Ron as Legos, for starters. As for the content you see everything from the first time your favorite HP trio meets to when Dumbledore drinks the terrifying potion to help Harry.

There are also Voldemort encounters, Umbridge getting fire to her face, and Dobby becoming a free elf — yay!

We are loving seeing our favorite Lego Harry Potter scenes in a totally new way.