58th Annual Tony Awards - Show
Credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Know the new Wicked movie-musical that you can *literally* not wait for? You know the one — because you’ve been running around your apartment/down the street screams-singing THANK GOODNESS!!!! Yeah, it’s going to be even bigger, and better, than we first expected.

The Broadway musical’s original composer and songwriter, Stephen Schwartz, made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday to drop some pretty MAJOR news about our favs Glinda, Elphaba, and everyone else in the Land of Oz. According to him, the movie will include FOUR brand new original songs. POSSIBLY MORE!

“At least, as of now, there will probably be four new songs in the movie,” he told the crowd.


Let that sink in for a second: Probably four, with the hope of there might be even more brand new Wicked music. Ohmygosh. Schwartz also told the crowd that one of these songs was originally in the Broadway show, but was then cut from the final version that we know and love dearly today.

Pause to think about the fact that there are unreleased Wicked songs out there.

Another major thing: the film is set for a December 2019 release. Yes, that is, like, ridiculously far away, enough time to learn how to actually master gravity and then defy it. But hey, we’re willing to wait as long as the movie is PERFECT.

No word yet on casting, but the movie IS more than three years away right now. You know what we can do between now, and then? Continue to celebrate…THE GLINDA WAY!!