Rachel Paige
December 18, 2017 8:21 am

Star Wars: The Last Jedi? No, more like Star Wars: The Last Jedi Sits Alone on His Secluded Island while the Ladies Get Shit Done in the Galaxy. That’s basically the general gist of the latest Star Wars movie. The dudes of the film are either beaten down, unconscious, unwilling to leave their home, throwing temper tantrums, or have been demoted, while the ladies are like “step aside, flyboys.”

From the very beginning, the Star Wars movies have been bursting with lady power moments — literally, one of the first things Leia does in A New Hope is grab Luke’s gun and start firing at the stormtroopers closing in on them. She yells “someone has to save our skins,” and it’s Leia. She then she commands Han to get “into the garbage shoot, flyboy.” That’s an order.

Since then, we’ve watched so many more heroines save everyone’s sorry skins onscreen. Last Jedi is no exception, and it’s so far the Star Wars movie with the most badass lady moments. Every single lady on screen gets their time to shine at least once, and while they’re all 💯 in our hearts, it’s time to break them down, one by one, in order from YAS to YAS VICE ADMIRAL.

1Rose tasering Finn

We know Rose is a fan of Finn, because the second they meet she starts tripping over her words. She’s awestruck with him, because he’s a “~big deal~.” However, that isn’t going to stop Rose from not tasering him when she realizes he’s trying to escape.

2Rose setting all the animals free on Canto Bight

So, Rose was 100% the girl in your high school lab class who tried to set all the frogs free before you could dissect them, and we love her for that. Even though she knows she and Finn have been tracked down by the guards on Canto Bight, she’s still pleased with herself because she let all those space horses go.

3Paige detonating all the bombs

My only complaint about Last Jedi is that we didn’t get enough Paige, and didn’t get any Paige + Rose. While Paige’s time is brief, she establishes herself as quite the badass who knows what she believes in, and is willing to die for it. Also she fell like, 40 feet or something and still managed to detonate the bombs? Impressive.

4General Leia demoting Poe

*slaps* “You’re demoted.” DID ANYONE ELSE GET CHILLS?

5Rey fighting off all of Snoke’s guards basically by herself

Sure, Kylo Ren was also in Snoke’s chamber, and Kylo Ren was the one who actually killed Snoke. But it sure looks like Rey is doing all the fighting herself, as she jumps and flies through the air. She also manages to take out all her opponents far earlier than Kylo. She’s the one who then has to save him.

6Rose slamming her speeder into Finn’s

As Rose says, they’re not going to win by destroying what they hate, but by “saving what we love.” If there’s anyone who’s thinking, and shooting, straight in Last Jedi, it’s Rose.

7General Leia shooting Poe

Think about this for a second: Leia, still dressed in her medical robes, walks onto the bridge of the ship and shoots Poe Dameron square in the chest. She got up and out of bed to do that. Legends only.

8Rey lifting the rocks

At the beginning of Last Jedi, Rey makes a comment about how the Force is about lifting rocks. Lolz, not really, Rey. Fast forward to the end of the movie, and in order to save the remaining members of the Resistance, Rey has to lift some rocks — and these are big, heavy rocks. But, she does it with ease, since she is the first of the new crop of Jedi.

9Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo jumping to hyperspace to cut a ship in half

Can we talk for a second about the fact that Holdo is ICONIC? She is strong, she’s a war hero, she’s got purple hair, and she isn’t taking shit from Poe Dameron?? Also, she knows in order to save the remaining Resistance member she’s got to sacrifice herself? Her plan is originally just a deco to let the escape pods get away; and then it turns into Holdo making the decision to jump to hyperspace, in the middle of the First Order ship. She cuts it in half. Why has no one thought to do this sooner? (Probably because doing it is a suicide mission.) Her death is epic, and and she will forever go down as a true Star Wars heroine. Serious question, how soon until we can get a Young Holdo movie?