Rebecca Vineyard
December 26, 2016 3:22 pm

The reviews for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are in – at least, we thought they were. Then we got the only Rogue One review that matters: Kylo Ren’s. That’s right, a year after the Internet blessed us with the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter account, we have a different, but similarly hilarious Kylo Ren to make us giggle.

While there’s at least one fan theory claiming Kylo Ren is not evil, it’s definitely funnier to think of him as a whiny bad guy, and this review really goes there.

The talented folks at Aurelnauts made the video, and it should be noted that it contains *many spoilers* regarding Rogue One. (And they come pretty quickly, so if you haven’s seen the film yet, be warned.)

OK, if you’re cool with the spoilers, watch the whole thing below:

This version of Kylo Ren is super opinionated. He’s also a bit miffed about all those missing scenes from the Rogue One trailers that didn’t make it into the movie. (Seriously, we get it – we could talk about how Rogue One was going to have a different ending all day.)

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He’s less kind about Cassian, though: “BOOOORING. Next,” is all he’s got to say. Kylo Ren does have mad respect for Saw Gerrera, but is ultimately glad the character is dead.

Obviously, nothing in the film excites Kylo as much as Darth Vader. He reverently refers to him as “grandfather.” It’s accurate; he is Kylo’s grandfather. It’s just super weird to hear Darth Vader called that. Kylo gushes about the O.G. Star Wars baddie a looooot. It’s excessive, and hilarious.

Rebel propaganda or no, we love Rogue One. And now, we love Kylo Ren’s review of the movie just as much.