Kristen Stewart
Credit: Les Films du Losange

It’s no secret that we love us some Kristen Stewart. And when French director Olivier Assayas called her “the greatest actress of her generation,” (i.e. probably the best compliment a performer can possibly receive) she had the perfect response.

“He has good taste,” Stewart joked while chatting with Vulture.

Stewart then went on to explain herself a little more seriously, and we also totally dug it:

Assayas directed Stewart in Personal Shopper, which — while it may sound like a film that would have a Sex and the City vibe — is actually a psychological thriller ghost story where Stewart plays a woman mourning the loss of her twin brother. She has a reputation for taking dark and gritty roles, so the subject matter comes as no surprise.

Credit: A24/DirecTV Cinema/

We’re glad that Stewart is receiving the high praise she deserves, and we CAN’T WAIT to see what she does next — she has seriously made a reputation for choosing some of the most diverse, unique, and nuanced projects out there.