Since she’s got two young kids of her own, Kristen Bell needs to learn about promposals. But luckily, that’s well out of the way for young Lincoln and Delta Shepard. Frozen, however, is probably more up to their speed.

Bell managed to intertwine the two last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live when she took over as guest host. As expected, she did an incredible job — even though some people didn’t totally believe in her. (Ahem — Dax.)

But the best thing she did during her time in the spotlight was connecting an audience member to her prom date.

While it was masked as a game, it ended up being a promposal instead.

Zoe was an actress, but Sara came to the show with her family, thinking that she won free tickets. Which Bell laughed at, since tickets are always free.

And that he did.

And yes, she was surprised.

Credit: CBS

And thankfully, she said yes, after an elaborate and funny Frozen-themed song by Bell. (It’d be kind of awkward for both of them if she didn’t, so we’re pretty pleased by the outcome.)

Of course, Bell also sweetened the deal by offering up a “glam session” for Sara, a tux for Michael, and a stretch limo. So, all in all, this might just be the best promposal we’ve ever seen before. Well done, Kristen Bell. Well done.