If you thought polaroids were the only way to have a blast from the past when it comes to photography, then get excited. Kodak just announced the return of an even better throwback: Super 8 cameras. If you’re not familiar, it’s likely what those old home movies you found in your attic were filmed on. According to The Guardian. Kodak is revamping this classic design for modern users, taking everything we loved about the original (that grainy look and nostalgic feel) and making it digital.

This camera was revolutionary during its time. It launched in 1965 and was the first camera with an easily loadable cartridge that filmed both audio and video on the same strip. This made it that much easier for families and regular, non-techy people to use, and thus, the home video took off.

Now, however, it’s as easy as a push of a button on your iPhone or DSLR, but you lose the novelty of the camera, plus the vintage feel that comes with these earlier models. This revamped version is really the best of both worlds.

When users film with this new prototype, they still have to send their film to Kodak for processing. However, they’ll also get back a digital version of their masterpiece, making it that much easier to edit and share their work.

If all goes to plan, the new Super 8 should be available later this year, and will retail anywhere between $400 and $750.

(Image via Kodak.)