It’s no wonder that Wonder Woman is changing the world. The film stars the incredible Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, and was directed by real-life superhero, Patty Jenkins. It’s a feminist film through and through, and judging by these kindergarteners’ reactions to Wonder Woman, it’s clear that even the littlest of kids (girls and boys) recognize that we have the role model we’ve all been waiting for.

Jenkins, tweeted out a writeup from someone who works at a kindergarten. The way Jenkins’ film is molding a generation of kids is not only heartwarming and cute, but it’s freaking empowering!

Our favorite:

The author of the list concludes,

Amen! And after reading this list, Gal Gadot is ready to get back to work. We cannot wait!

Guys, the world may be a crazy place right now, but we can rest assured that Wonder Woman can and will save us. Raising a generation with a feminist superhero icon at the helm can only mean good things for humanity.