Credit: LionsGate

There’s always something that one isn’t super proud of in their professional or personal lives, and Kim Kardashian is no exception. And, because Kim’s moment involves a particular acting role, it unfortunately can live forever.

In an episode of the ABC game show Big Fan, where celebrities battle against their fans to answer trivia questions about themselves, Kardashian revealed the project of which she’s “mortified.”

Aaaaaand it’s a scene from the parody film Disaster Movie. As in, remember when there were a string of movies like, Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Not Another Teen Movie (which we secretly kind of liked. Shhhh). Well, yeah, it was basically like that. And the moment in question involves Kim’s character getting crushed to death by a meteor.

We actually think Kimshould bebe proud! Because a.) What a great story to tell at parties, right? (You know we’re not wrong). And b.) It’s actually pretty hilarious. Because come on, it’s Disaster Movie. The movie that makes fun of all other disaster movies.

So while we can see how Kim would have mixed feelings about the whole thing, there’s definitely nothing to be mortified about. It’s all in the name of good fun, because if your character is going to die…wouldn’t you want it to be death by giant meteor?

So in our humble opinions, Kim should own her horrific movie death. Because it genuinely made us laugh.