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If you’re going to make me do math with ridiculous word problems, you better explain why they’re happening. That’s the motto of the kid in this new viral video, who is seen working with his mom to figure out what you get when you add sixteen and twenty-five. Except, he has a more important question.

The word problem he’s working on goes like this: If you have twenty-five apples and you get sixteen more apples, how many apples do you have?

Pretty basic. You have 41 apples. That’s FORTY-ONE APPLES. And that’s what really threw this little boy off.

We won’t spoil his response, but we will say that he’s raised an important question we never even thought about. If word problems are supposed to show us how math can be used in the real world, they’re not doing a great job.

Too often they involve having a ridiculous number of things that you would never find yourself with in real life. But they do provide us with hilarious moments like this, so maybe, just maybe, they can stay.

(Image via YouTube)