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Kate McKinnon never fails to crack us up. Whether it’s her spot-on Hillary Clinton impression or her nerdy-funny character Dr. Jillian Holtzmann in the 2016 Ghostbusters movie remake, her jokes always have us besides ourselves with laughter.

LGBTQ Nation recently came across some outtakes from the Ghostbusters film, and pointed out that, per usual, Kate was totally on her comedy game, dishing out some pick-up lines that are completely absurd — in the best possible way.

We pulled a few of our favorites for your enjoyment.

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Once Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin enters the film, they get even more amazing.

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We learn some pretty fun things about Holtzmann along the way.

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Now you might be thinking: Hey, some of these phrases don’t exaaaactly sound like pick-up lines. And you are correct. But coming from Kate McKinnon, their sensuality is OFF THE CHARTS.

Watch more of the hilarity in the full clip of outtakes below:

We would welcome Dr. Holtzmann’s come-ons any day.