Jameson Empire Awards 2015 - VIP Arrivals
Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Yesterday, The Rock (you know, Dwayne Johnson) bestowed upon us the first image from his upcoming Jumanji sequel. It shows him, Kevin Heart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan in the midst of the jungle, ready for action!

The three guys are dressed how you would probably want to dress to go on a jungle adventure, taking into account that it’s probably hot, muggy, full of misquotes, and also A JUNGLE. They’ve got long pants and long sleeves and proper footwear, and Black even has a COAT. Talk about ~jungle fashion~.

As it’s done many times before, the internet got all fussy about Gillan’s costume (rightfully so) because it once again plays into so many female tropes in action movies: She’s simply there to be ~the lady~ and because of that, gets to wear something super sexualized for no apparent reason. Booooo. Even more booooo because in another big movie you might have heard of, — ahem, Guardians of the Galaxy — Gillan plays an ASSASSIN and like YES.

Credit: Marvel/Giphy

In the Rock’s initial Instagram post, he reassures us that all the costumes, including Gillan’s, will make sense when we see the movie. BUT WE STILL HAVE QUESTIONS. Namely: WHY?

We’re going to trust her word for it, and knowing that she is a strong, kickass lady (and also, a former Doctor Who Companion) if she says it makes sense, it will make sense. It just better make SO MUCH SENSE that we feel foolish for getting all up in arms about it now.