Alyssa Thorne
Updated Apr 12, 2017 @ 1:53 pm

Hermione Granger may be the smartest witch of her age, but Jude Law being cast as young Albus Dumbledore is CERTAINLY the best casting news of ours. We definitely were a little unsure of this decision at first — like, who imagined Dumbledore as Jude Law? Literally nobody, okay? And if you say you did, you’re totally lying.

But after we took 30 seconds to process the news we were totally bowled-over by how absolutely perfect and exciting this is. We’re also so entertained by the absurdity of Jude Law transitioning from an incredibly Italian, moderately abstract prestige show about a bombastic American pope to a film in the Harry Potter world. We may never know what his agents were thinking, but we’re going to send them thank you cards.

As prep for writing individual thank you cards to express our gratitude for this bizarre blessing, here’s a list of 10 reasons why we’re unbelievably pumped about this news.

1. Jude Law’s face? That’s it, that’s the whole reason.

2. The validation hundreds of fanfiction writers will receive upon learning that their improbable descriptions of young Dumbledore being a babe in their fanfiction is, in fact, true.

3. We are DEF going to get to see Jude Law in a ridiculous wig, which will DEF be more entertaining than seeing him in the Watson ‘stache.

Jude Law is probably making his decisions on what role to play based on the fake hair he gets to wear. ADMIT IT, JUDE.

4. He’ll get to return to his actual accent instead of whatever he’s doing in The Young Pope, which is frankly unsettling and against all laws of god and man.

Don’t get us wrong — it’s a solid American accent. But it’s just so strange coming out of his mouth.

5. Jude Law’s face. Did we mention?

Because he has a face.

6. The next generation of Harry Potter fans will only be picturing hot!Dumbledore when reading the books if they start with the Fantastic Beasts movies, which just sounds painful and hilarious.

Even better than Leather Pants Draco — Sexy Dumbledore. #blessed

7. Even better, JKR said she’s had somebody in mind for the role the whole time, which means even she might’ve been thinking that her boarding school Gandalf should be a hottie, which is just SO delightful.

8. We’re legitimately going to get a plotline about a dreamy young Dumbledore going to war against his questionable ex-boyfriend.

Romance novelists couldn’t do better, tbh.

9. Jude Law is also a legitimately good actor, for all of our giggling over this unexpected casting choice, so we’ll sure he’ll bring a lot to the role.

10. Most importantly, Jude Law’s face.

I think we forgot to talk about it…