Meaghan Kirby
February 01, 2017 4:45 pm

While being the star of a major franchise may have it’s perks, incessant questions from fans appears to be a major downside. A little over a week ago, Disney and LucasFilm announced that Star Wars Episode VIII would be called The Last Jedi and people are freaking out. Star Wars star Daisy Ridley is learning that even celebrity Star Wars fans are desperate for answers.

Ridley, who is currently shooting Murder on the Orient Express, was recently peppered with questions about Star Wars by costar Josh Gad, which he posted on Instagram and she was NOT having it.

To recap, last week Gad invited Ridley to his trailer under the guise of wanting to ask her a question.

As she enters, he hits her with a lot of Star Wars questions. He asks,

Gad feels really, and we mean really sorry for harassing Ridley and tried to apologize to Ridley, but unfortunately it didn’t go according to plan. Once again, Gad tries to sneakily pry information out of her using fake director’s sides. He even name drops Kenneth Branagh, the Murder on the Orient Express director for good measure.

Ridley, responds with a line from Gad’s script indicating that she isn’t asking the right questions. Leading her into the trap, Gad follows with,

Reading from the page, Ridley looks a bit annoyed seeing the Star Wars questions:

A visibly annoyed Ridley shakes her head, leaving the trailer, as Gad tries to explain camera shots. The whole scene was posted to Gad’s Facebook.

While we admire Gad’s passion and tenacity, we think it’s probably best for him to give it time before he continues to ask. As a fellow member of the Disney family, maybe Gad should offer up some info on Frozen 2 to get a hint from Ridley.