Briana Hansen
February 14, 2017 11:37 am
Buena Vista Pictures

We’ve been anxiously anticipating the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast since the first moment we heard about it. Every juicy detail about the wonderful movie has made us even more excited to see it come to life. And now, we’re being treated to yet another exciting sneak peek of the film. And, we have to admit, we love what we see.

Josh Gad sings his heart out to the handsome Gaston, along with many other townsfolk, in this short clip Good Morning America recently shared.

Of course, we totally expected that Gaston’s musical number would be over-the-top and grandiose, just like his character. And it totally is.

But we didn’t realize just how perfect Josh Gad would be in his role as Le Fou in the film. Le Fou is Gaston’s biggest fan and right hand man. And, though the GMA clip is short, Gad’s enthusiasm for Luke Evans’ Gaston shines through.

Le Fou, like Gaston, is more of a villain in the movie’s storyline.

But, like so many Disney villains (and their sidekicks) before him, he’s also super likable. And this playful clip of him merrily singing Gaston’s praises along with the rest of the townsfolk is a reminder that bad guys can be pretty fun, too.

Clearly both Gad and Evans embraced their darker roles. And they sound (and look) like they absolutely nailed them.

Obviously the cast is stoked to finally show the rest of the world the magic they’ve been creating for the past several months. And we, too, can’t wait to see this wonderful story come to life. Beauty and the Beast tickets are now available on pre-sale. And the movie itself premieres March 17th.