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There are so many movies we loved in the ’90s, but one of our favorites from this era has got to be Empire Records. When the cult favorite Empire Records debuted 20 years ago (OMG), we instantly fell in love with all the employees of the too-cool-for-school indie record shop. In fact, we secretly wished we could work there too (just like Warren!). From Liv Tyler to Renée Zellweger, the cast was filled with the biggest up-and-coming talents of the day. But one of our favorite characters was definitely Corey’s (Liv Tyler) boyfriend, A.J. played by gorgeous actor Johnny Whitworth.

Floppy hair never looked so good!

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If you recall, A.J. Was Corey’s best friend and he had like THE BIGGEST crush on her (although she was way too busy fawning over ~sexy Rexy~ to notice, booooo!). But the sweetest part of Empire Records of course was when A.J. and Corey confessed their love to each other on the roof of the record store at the end.


Well, good news everyone, because actor Johnny Whitworth who played A.J. is still hot. In fact, we’d go so far to say he’s EVEN HOTTER now.

Behold the magic.

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And for comparison without glasses because LET’S BE SCIENTIFIC HERE.

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Gorgeous brown floppy hair? Check. Perfect smile? Check. Eyes you could get lost in for days? Check and CHECK.

And because WE KNOW you’d be interested in seeing how he’d look with the cute dog filter from Snapchat, there’s this.

Don’t mind Johnny looking like a sexy mountain man you’d like to spend many nights with in a log cabin (what, just me?!).

Oh, and just a casual reunion with fellow Empire Records alum, Renée Zellweger here.

IDK why he has like “I’ve been beaten up” makeup on here, but still…CUTE!

Johnny has actually been super busy since his Empire Records days, starring in TV shows like The 100 and most recently Blindspot where he plays, very appropriately…

“Ruggedly Handsome Man!”

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Yes, yes, and yesss. We’ve loved watching Johnny throughout his career so far, and we can’t wait to see what else lies in store for the very talented Empire Records star!