Kathryn Lindsay
July 24, 2015 8:44 am

Ugh, too cute! Looks like it was Bring Your Pet To Work Day on the set of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie — or at least, it was for Johnny Depp, who brought his recently-adopted tiny baby bat with him and fed her on camera. In full Jack Sparrow costume, Johnny Depp holds the flying red fox gently in one hand, swaddling her in a cozy blanket as she slurps away on her meal.

This little beeb (the scientific name for an immeasurably cute baby bat, I’ve decided) is only 10 weeks old, and teething as her movie star dad feeds her from the smallest little bottle you ever did see. Adorably named Jackie Sparrow, this sweetheart was born seven weeks premature, and after a visit to the Australian Bat clinic during a break from filming, Johnny couldn’t help but fall immediately in love with her (and thus sponsor her). TBH, we love her too.

Trish Wimberley from the Australian Bat Clinic told the Gold Coast Bulletin just how quickly the two have bonded, reporting that, “[Jackie]’s met Johnny a couple of times, and he came down to see her again before he flew up to the Whitsundays.” She goes on to add about Depp’s bat love, “He really has fallen in love with them, he’s quite passionate about bats.”

When he’s not feeding tiny bottles to tiny animals, Johnny is filming the fifth in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales, which should be in theaters in 2017. No word yet if little Jackie Sparrow makes an appearance, but she has a starring role in this video, and that’s good enough for me:

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