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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all should know about JK Rowling’s Patronus quiz on Pottermore going live a few days ago! Written by Rowling herself, the quiz was designed to help one discover what their true animal-esque guardian is, whether that’s a dolphin, a swan, or a mole. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Rowling shared her results with the world. After taking the quiz a couple of times, Rowling settled in delight with her newest result – a heron.

How cool?!

Well, a fan who took the instinct-driven test became a little uneasy about his results.

I mean, we get it, this creature is maybe not the most fear-inspiring, dementor-driving-away of all animals:

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When he expressed his want for his “mole Patronus” to be “secretly awesome,” Rowling responded in the most perfect way!

Only a great writer could come up with a spin that positive! And we have to agree – having the Lord of the Underworld as your Patronus is pretty freaking cool! One could only be so lucky. Goes to show that there’s magic in every creature – whether Godzilla or a Ragdoll Cat – and whichever animal becomes your Patronus, you should totally embrace it!

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Curious to know what your Patronus is? Well, stop what you’re doing and take the quiz! Just don’t be too mad if you end up as a salmon.

Expecto Patronum!