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One of our favorite funny ladies has finally taken a trip to Hogwarts, and her reaction is just too perfect. Jessica Williams, who stars in upcoming Sundance drama The Incredible Jessica James, took a trip to Hollywood to see Harry Potter world in Universal Studios. Jessica has had a pretty busy year, so we can see why she only just made her trip to Hogwarts. After leaving The Daily Show, Jessica starred in the film that will premiere at Sundance and has been developing a show for herself at Comedy Central.

But Jessica Williams finally made it to Harry Potter World, and her emotional reaction is all of us.

We can see how much Jessica loves Harry Potter, because she is decked out in Gryffindor garb from head to toe.

Check out this wider shot of herself in front of Hogwarts.

Jessica would fit right in with her fellow Gryffindors! And we bet she has some pretty sweet Quidditch moves, too!

We hope she had a blast at the magical world of Harry Potter!

And we wish Jessica all the luck in the fight against He Who Shall Not Be Named!