There’s no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence acts her heart out in every project she chooses. And for her latest film, mother!, Lawrence literally tore her diaphragm while shooting a scene in which she hyperventilates. Now that’s commitment. And also, ouch.

Lawrence told The Daily Mail that she worked with director (and beau) Darren Aronofsky to find an entire new personality within herself in order to tackle the role. Similarly, Aronofsky wasn’t sure if Lawrence would want to take on such a dark project. But after figuring out how to grab hold of the character, Lawrence “absorbed the material” and then “unleashed it and it exploded,” Aronofsky told Daily Mail.

Hence that torn diaphragm!

The film’s trailer leaves a lot to the imagination in terms of plot. All we can gather is that Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris arrive at Lawrence’s home and wreak utter havoc. We don’t know about you, but the lack of knowing is already making us nervous (and from everything we’ve heard, the film is INTENSE).

In all honesty, knowing that Lawrence put so much of herself into shooting makes us want to see the movie even more. Yes, we might be sleeping with the lights on for few days (cough, months) after watching, be we have a feeling it will be worth it.