Karen Belz
Updated Aug 09, 2017 @ 2:26 pm

Even though it was an interesting movie, Jennifer Lawrence is well-aware that Passengers received lukewarm reviews. The film, which featured Lawrence and Chris Pratt (and very few others, as the plot revolves around the two waking up 90 years too early from induced hibernation on a ship headed to a new planet) was incredibly hyped. But by the time it came out late last year, many fans felt a little disappointed.

The movie itself had a lot to be proud of. Aside from casting two of the biggest names in the industry, the film also received Academy Award nominations for Best Original Score and Best Production Design.

So what went sour? Well — if you plan on watching the movie, be aware that spoilers are ahead.

While the film was initially advertised as two unfortunate passengers whose hibernation attempt failed, it’s revealed in the movie that Pratt’s character, Jim Preston, decided to wake up Lawrence’s character, Aurora Lane, willingly.

The decision took some time for Jim to make, but the romantic chemistry between the two happened based on a false premise. Jim literally destroyed Aurora’s life due to his own obsession with her. false false

In fact, The Telegraph referred to it as being “a creepy ode to manipulation.”

So having Lawrence speak up about it now makes sense. Did she see the movie in the same way the critics did?

It turns out that she believes the film would have been better if her character was the one who woke up before Pratt’s.

It’s good to know that she learned from the experience, but doesn’t regret it — and the fact that she still sees positives in the movie is pretty refreshing. Her outlook, as usual, is spot on.