Alyssa Thorne
January 13, 2017 3:32 pm

Academy Awardnominated and Emmy Award winning actor and producer Woody Harrelson is undertaking a new task we’re preeeetty sure that no one’s done before. Namely, he’s going to be shooting a new film called Lost in London…which he’ll be livestreaming. Yep you read that right, and no, you’re not the only person going “…seriously?” Woody Harrelson’s livestream movie seems dubious even to his famous, industry friends who have themselves done many difficult and trying things, and also worked with him. So your “wtf” moment is completely valid.

Lucky for us, Woody recorded his friends’ reactions to his newest undertaking, and they’re pretty hilarious. Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Matthew Mcconaughey, Jimmy Kimmel…nobody seems sure of his ability to do this. Except for Jesse Eisenberg (until he realizes it’s Harrelson, not Allen that we’re talking about).

We have to admit, if a friend came to us and said they’d written a movie they were going to act in and direct, no matter how successful and talented they were, we’d be like…you sure about that, buddy? But if they said — on top of that — that they were going to be streaming the movie live, we’d be like NUH-UH, and not only because it means the go-to on set joke (“we’ll fix it in post”) would be off limits.

All that said, we’re pretty excited about this undertaking. While it’s hard to say what his film Lost in London will look like, solely because this hasn’t ever been done before (at least not on a large scale.) The constantly morphing internet and social media landscape affords artists a lot of new tools to create art and ways to communicate. Especially during the rise of live musicals on television, we love the idea of finding more ways to explore the different means that film and theatre give us to express ourselves. And whether or not Woody is successful, we commend his attempt to do something new.