Briana Hansen
June 12, 2016 12:10 pm
20th Century Fox

The force is strong with Kevin Raskoff, a biologist at California State University Monterey Bay. The scientist (and possible Jedi?) recently discovered an extremely surprising new species of jellyfish. While it’s always exciting to discover new species (of anything), this particular jellyfish sport a stunning resemblance to one of the greatest villains of all time, Darth Vader.

Kevin A. Raskoff / Wikimedia Commons


20th Century Fox

There’s no mistaking the shape of this gelatinous creature’s dome and the strange teeth-like structures in the middle that totally mirror Vader’s breathing apparatus. Not to mention it’s clear body structure allow the dark ocean around it to give it the same black appearance as the super-villain. One glance at this creepy-looking thing and you’re immediately transported back to the Death Star wondering what move the Rebellion will make next. And to make the parallels even creepier, this species (because there’s more than one of these little floating Vaders in the ocean) was found about a mile below the freezing Arctic Ocean’s surface in a completely dark environment.

Raskoff originally found one of these creatures back in 2002, but couldn’t confirm that it was its own species until recently when they did another expedition and quickly found dozens of samples. He took several to the surface for further testing but they didn’t last long (because everybody knows if you take Vader’s breathing apparatus off, he can’t survive for long). The jellyfish has been classified under the order Narcomedusae, which we assume is just the scientific way of saying “The Empire.”

There’s still huge parts of the ocean that are filled with yet unknown creatures that people like Raskoff are exploring and discovering daily. Based on this latest breakthrough, we can only assume that there will be a bunch of little creatures that attack these Darth Vader jellyfish in fast little ships while harnessing the power of the ocean around them to help with their accuracy. And if those little jellyfish end up being the spawn of the Vader jellyfish, then our minds would really be blown.