Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 22, 2016 9:37 am
Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

The latest in film news honestly has us laughing out loud. Seriously, leave it to James Franco to sneak his own paintings into a movie he’s in! Yeah, that’s right. James Franco *did* put his own paintings in Why Him? his latest movie with Bryan Cranston.

Well, James Franco is an artist, after all, and he has a huge prankster side, so we do get why he’d make this hilarious move.

But we’ll let James Franco explain his latest bizarre move for himself on Conan.

If you haven’t already seen Why Him, James Franco’s holiday-esque comedy, you can expect to see a painting featuring none other than — wait for it — humping capybaras. Even for James Franco, we’re like, what?! Capybaras, by the way, are these weird giant rodents (like, actually the BIGGEST rodents that exist, so we’re not exaggerating!). So picture two of them humping and that’s what you can expect thanks to Franco’s giggle-worthy antics.

According to Artnet, Franco explained,

We honestly wouldn’t have thought of this, but we guess that unique creativity is what makes ~one of a kind~.

As if that isn’t good enough, he also apparently drew a lot of his character’s tattoos for the film! He explained to Today that he got quite creative with it.


If Franco’s influence on the creative process in this film isn’t enough for you to check it out, we don’t know what is! Why Him? promises to be filled with the usual antics and nonsense, but in the *best* way. Just maybe don’t bring your parents!