Most of us know Jake Johnson as the loveable-but-goofy Nick Miller from Fox’s New Girl, but the sitcom star was recently thrown into the big leagues when he was cast across action movie veteran Tom Cruise. So how did Nick Miller, the humble bartender, handle a world where ancient evil lurks around ever corner? Well for one, he hit the gym, but he wasn’t sure how to do it. Luckily Cruise took him under his wing in a story that’s very, as Johnson explains, “anti-Hollywood.”

But wasn’t all gourmet healthy meals and sunshine. Things actually get kind of weird when Tom Cruise is your workout buddy. Cruise said Johnson could use his personal gym whenever he wanted — but what’s the protocol when your workout bud is a gazillion times more famous than you?

With the gym out of the way, Johnson still had a few tiny adjustments to make — instead of serving up drinks and making snarky comments, he would have to literally jump through fire.

It sure sounds like if there’s anyone to jump through fire with, it’s Tom Cruise.