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We can barely get the words out of our mouths: Jake (sigh) Gyll (swoon) en (sweat) haal (faint). Jake Gyllenhaal! Ellen DeGeneres convinced Jake Gyllenhaal to get naked (or, okay, just take off his shirt), on her show if he gets nominated for an Oscar for his upcoming film Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford.

He strips down for a lot of his movies (we aren’t mad), but as he tells it, he only believes in baring it all on cue if it’s in service of a story (at least we’ve gotten to see him wet). So, cleverly, Ellen tells him a hypothetical story in which, while entering the Ellen studio, he gets attacked by ants and has to rip off his clothes to save himself. But Jake doesn’t budge, saying that he still probably wouldn’t take off his clothes. (But we’d love to see the dance he’d do.)

So then Ellen changes the subject to Nocturnal Animals, hitting theatres November 23. Jake describes the film for us – something about Amy Adams and an art gallery and a manuscript and an ex-husband (that’s him) and revenge, and we’re sure it’s great but we just can’t concentrate because… JAKE GYLLENHAAL, TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT.

But, we don’t mean to objectify. He’s an incredible actor (you’ve seen Brokeback Mountain, obvs, but did you see Nightcrawler? Best film of 2014, IMO).

Credit: Bold Films

(And Donnie Darko, best film of ever, that’s a fact.)

Ellen says she watched Nocturnal Animals twice in one day because she loved it so much, and she feels strongly that he’ll be nominated for an Oscar. “And if you get nominated, you’ll come back and take your shirt off,” she says. “Okay,” he says.


Oscar nominations come out in January, and we ARE holding our breath. Because underneath all that talent is a set of abs the likes of which we just can’t quit.