Credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

How could anyone forget about Jacob Tremblay? The pint-sized actor won hearts all over the world last year not only because he’s one of the most talented actors in the business, regardless of age, but also because he’s the most adorable, well-spoken 9-year old that has ever existed on this earth.

And if you thought his performance in Room alongside Oscar-winner and future Captain Marvel Brie Larson was fantastic, then do I have a treat for you because the trailer for his latest film, Shut In, will literally have you tremblay-ing with fear.

In Shut In, Tremblay plays Tom, an orphan who is sent a child psychologist named Mary (Naomi Watts) to help cope with the loss of his mother. Mary, who is dealing with her own traumatic events concerning her son, decides to take him in. After Tom runs away into the wintery night, strange things start happening to Mary and the rest is, well, a freakin’ nightmare if you ask me!

This is actually Tremblay’s second horror film of the year. He also starred in Before I Wake, in which he also plays a creepy kid who wrecks havoc on a family.

And just in case that trailer freaked you out as much as it did me, here’s a cute picture of the little Star Wars obsessed actor with his equally cute puppy, Rey.