Karen Belz
December 29, 2016 6:59 am
20th Century Fox / YouTube

We can’t get enough of Wolverine, so we’re really looking forward to the new movie Logan, which is due out in theaters this March. But unfortunately, there’s one character you won’t be seeing in Logan. It’s not one of the official X-Men, but it’s one of your new favorite movie superheroes.

If you guessed Deadpool, you’d be correct.

Unfortunately, while there was some speculation that the Ryan Reynolds character would show up at some point, numerous sources have reported that that won’t be the case. And while we’re all a little bummed, hey — maybe it’s for the best.

We mean, when you witness the tone set by this incredible trailer, hearing Deadpool’s lewd (yet hilarious) commentary just doesn’t seem right.

The rumors all started based on a piece from The Wrap, which reported that Reynolds was spotted shooting a post-credits sequence for the movie. Not only did Reynolds shut this down, but director James Mangold also weighed in.

We trust the both of them — not only do we think the movie can stand alone perfectly without having Deadpool show up at the end, but Reynolds is pretty direct when it comes to things like this. And the fact that Hugh Jackman also weighed in is pretty telling.

Even after fans tried to read into the tweets, Mangold made it pretty obvious that The Wrap totally got it all wrong.

It’s amazing how quickly rumors can get squashed based on Twitter, isn’t it?

Of course, if you already miss your favorite hero in red, have no fear — a sequel to Deadpool is set to come to theaters in 2018.