C. Molly Smith
Updated Sep 11, 2017 @ 4:40 pm
It haunted house
Credit: Brooke Palmer / Warner Bros.

Sometimes, watching a scary movie is much easier when you can mentally prepare for the horrors in store, and maybe you feel that way about It. If you want to know some of the scariest ways Pennywise the Clown terrorizes The Losers’ Club, you’ve come to the right place. (Naturally, major spoilers from the film lie ahead; you’ve been warned!)

1Buh-bye, Georgie

The film kicks off with the death of Georgie, and he meets his maker in an especially brutal way. During a downpour of rain (never a good sign), Georgie encounters Pennywise after his paper boat falls into the sewer, where the creepy clown is lurkin.

Pennywise plays nice, but when Georgie reaches for his boat, the clown reveals his horrifying teeth and LITERALLY BITES OFF GEORGIE’S ARM AND DRAGS HIM INTO THE SEWER AND MURDERS HIM. Well, we don’t actually see the murder, but we assume as much when George is still MIA later in the film — still, his older brother, Bill, and co. go looking for him.

2The library attack

While studying in the library, Ben stumbles upon tales of Pennywise’s past. And then parts of those tales come to life. Like when Ben is chased through the library by a decapitated, undead figure. You know, just your normal study hour…In effect, we never want to hit the books again.

3A close encounter with GERMS

Eddie is a hypochondriac, so when Pennywise starts attacking the kids individually, he sends a gross, zombie-like figure after him. Then, the title clown presents himself — with a bunch of his signature, red balloons in hand. Eddie does make it out okay, but we certainly weren’t feeling okay.

4The bloody bathroom

Beverly’s solo attack came in the bathroom, when she hears voices coming from the sink. She puts a measuring tape down the drain and soon, something comes up from the drain, latches onto her, and attempts to pull her down. Then, blood shot up out of drain and LITERALLY COVERED THE BATHROOM. Seriously, blood was everywhere. Even worse, when her father came in to see why she’s screaming, she told him and he couldn’t see the blood. Making us wonder, is it in the kids’ heads?

5The basement trap

Pennywise used Georgie to manipulate Bill. Seemingly in shock, Bill follows the undead Georgie downstairs to a flooded basement. Soon, Georgie starts convulsing and with Bill focused on his “younger brother,” Pennywise nearly captures Bill. Thankfully, Bill narrowly makes it out in time, but we’re still on edge from this scene.

6A terrible trip down memory lane

The kids try to figure out what the hell is going on, why most of them have had these individual encounters with Pennywise. As they’re talking through it, a family photo slideshow goes off, seemingly on its own — and the mother in one of the photos soon turns into the walking nightmare itself. Then, It leaps off of the slideshow and nearly gets the kids, and is stopped only by one of the kids opening the door to the garage where they were meeting.

7Followed by a horrifying trip to where It lives

In what is perhaps the most nerve-racking scene, the kids go to the run-down house where It lives, to try to take the monster out and get some answers about Georgie. But there, the horrors are only more intense. They are in Pennywise’s domain, after all. Perhaps most terrifying is when Richie, who is afraid of clowns, gets locked in a room full of fake clowns. He’s by himself, until Pennywise leaps out and scares the bejeezus out of Richie — and us.

8When they realize It is real

After this series of attacks, the group gets up close and personal with Pennywise himself. And they’re convinced they’re safe because it’s all in their heads. Except, it’s not. Pennywise scratches Ben horribly with his awful claws — and proves that he is, in fact, a very real threat. So the pressure is on to figure out how to defeat him. AND HOW DO YOU DEFEAT AN EVIL, SEEMINGLY INVINCIBLE CLOWN?!

9And when it appears that Pennywise has the power to bring out the worst in others

Throughout the film, the kids weren’t only terrorized by Pennywise. Bully Henry was out to get them, too, but he really upped his evil game when — seemingly under some sort of Pennywise-induced trance to indulge in his darkest desires — he killed his guardian, then went after Mike. One tough cookie, Mike defeated Henry, but this was just one more horrifying example of Pennywise’s ability to manipulate people.

10Beverly’s abusive father

Another non-paranormal threat is Beverly’s abusive father. We don’t get the full story, but it’s clear that he’s seriously hurt her emotionally (and probably physically) in the past. There’s a specific scene in which he goes after her because he’s heard about her new guy friends, and he believes that she is flirting with them and is no longer “his girl.” Beverly does defeat him, thank goodness, but he meets a horribly bloody end — just before Beverly is taken away to the sewers by Pennywise itself.

11A creepy painting come to life

Stanley’s big fear is a creepy painting that hangs within his father’s office (think a distorted “The Scream”-like figure), and when the crew goes in search of Beverly in the sewers, that painting comes to life and bites his face — leaving bloody teeth marks all over. It was absolutely horrifying, and was a particularly gruesome attack on one of the kids.

12The final confrontation with Pennywise

In the final confrontation with Pennywise, we see the clown in a number of different forms — all of which could be the star of their own horror flick. In the process, we find out what exactly “You’ll float too,” the clown’s catchphrase, means. He’d been killing kids and making them float around a pile of toys and discarded children’s items in his lair. NOT CREEPY AT ALL.

13The fact that there’s a sequel

At the end of the movie, we find out that what we’ve been witnessing for 2 hour and 15 minutes is only “Chapter One.” While we’re kind of excited to see the resolution to this story — which is meant to be set in present-day, showing the kids as grown-ups, 27 years later — we’re also horrified that we’ll have to live through more of Pennywise’s tricks and terrors. And that such tricks and terrors will take place in our very own day and age. Yikes.