Credit: Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images

If you loved his rendition of Ghostbusters, you might want to pay attention to this fantastic news. Sure — a sequel for the big film has yet to be fully discussed, but director Paul Feig is working on a sci-fi project that’ll definitely be coming out soon. And once again, this project focuses on intelligent women. (Also, robots.)

The film, currently titled Turned On, will be made for 20th Century Fox, and the plot seems… well, pretty interesting. Variety reports that the movie will focus around a socially awkward female engineer, who creates a robot version of herself to help her out with everyday life. But before she knows it, her design becomes self-actualized.

So, it sounds like if Multiplicity met up with Westworld. But with a bunch of laughs mixed in.

The movie came about based on a script written by Charlie Kesslering, who’s currently an assistant on the (very funny) Late Late Show With James Corden. And, no surprise, but this is just one of the many projects that a very busy Feig has attached himself to recently.

In fact, he’s a big part of the upcoming Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn action comedy that you’ve probably heard about. Still without a name, the funny film, based around a mother and daughter, just wrapped up filming.

We love Feig’s work, and seriously can’t wait to check out Turned On. Then, after that, maybe we can talk about that Ghostbusters sequel…