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The trailer for Rings dropped today, the much-anticipated and incredibly feared sequel to The Ring, (you know, the movie that probably gave you nightmares for months after watching and wouldn’t let you sleep for two weeks and made you terrified to stay home alone and required a progressive relaxation cassette tape to calm you down enough to sleep, only cassette tapes end and make horrible screeching staticky noises in your ears just like the video and basically gave you a heart attack when you were in sixth grade and… no?)

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If you’ve been living under a rock (or in a well) for the past fourteen years and somehow missed The Ring, you’re definitely missing out. Unless you don’t do well with horror movies, in which case you should stay far, far away. Released in 2002, The Ring was loved by both viewers and critics. The Ring tells the story of a mysterious video…

After watching the video, the viewer receives a phone call saying “Seven days.” Seven days after, something horrifying happens (no spoilers!), and the viewer dies. Sorry, probably should’ve warned you before making you watch it…

Relying on incredibly creepy visuals, good storytelling, and some serious suspense rather than guts and gore, The Ring is a film that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck long after you’ve seen it. Less beloved, The Ring 2 came out in 2005, and now, Rings, the third installment is slated to appear later this year. (We think there was a major missed opportunity in not releasing it in 2012, seven years after the last film…)

If you want to never sleep again and be inspired to destroy everything you own with a screen, check out the trailer for Rings below!