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Updated Oct 07, 2017 @ 8:16 am
Picture of Kate Winslet Idris Elba
Credit: Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Idris Elba makes is so easy to love him. Elba just said that Kate Winslet is among the best actors he’s ever worked with, and now we appreciate him that much more. Elba and Winslet star in the plane crash story The Mountain Between Us, out this weekend. We already can’t wait to see the movie, ever since Winslet opened up about her awkward sex scene with Elba. Now, we’re even more excited.

Kate Winslet is one of our generation’s greatest and most beloved actresses.

We’ve loved her since Titanic and have followed her through everything from The Reader to our always-fave The Holiday.

We know Winslet is a fantastic thespian, and having Elba back us up on this is a dream. When Entertainment Weekly asked Elba who the best actor he’s worked with is, he was stuck.

Boy has some great taste! Elba went on to discuss how Winslet is always 100% prepared.

Winslet is everything.

We can’t wait to see the chemistry between these two incredibly attractive and talented human beings. And thanks to Twitter, we know the dog doesn’t die, so we’re even more in.

The Mountain Between Us is out right now!