Idina Menzel
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We can all agree that Tony award-winning, Idina Menzel is pretty much #careergoals when it comes to the entertainment industry. With roles like Maureen in Rent and Queen Elsa in Frozen, the Broadway star is used to telling stories that are a bit against the grain.

In her recent interview with PrideSource, via the The Huffington Post, Menzel talked a bit about the impact her roles have had on her LGBT fans.

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We can totally see how the role of Elsa resinated with her fans. And although Elsa’s struggling identity was not outwardly homosexual, the story has inspired many to embrace their sexuality, and to live freely. So when rumors of Frozen 2 sprung about, many LGBT advocates petitioned to make Elsa a lesbian, and the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend hashtag was born.

Menzel was definitely surprised by the outcry, but says that she’s excited that one of her roles sparked this conversation.

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And we are too!