Christina Pellegrini
Updated Jun 11, 2016 @ 11:06 am
Credit: Disney

Idina Menzel just said something crazy about the Frozen 2 movie, and we CANNOT let it go.

Pretty much the entire universe is impatiently awaiting the arrival of Disney’s Frozen sequel, so any news from the super-talented actress who voices Elsa is something we are clamoring for. She has to know what’s going on, right?

So much to our delight, we heard that Idina spoke to E! News at the AFI Life Achievement Award tribute to composer John Williams the other day, and you aren’t going to BELIEVE what she said.

“We are at story writing and they’re working on it and I think I’m in it,” Idina dished with a smirk. “That’s all I know — unless maybe Elsa falls off an ice cliff and she dies in the first five minutes.”

WHAT, IDINA?!?!?!?!

You’re kidding, right? Just pullin’ on our legs? Because the alternative would leave millions of girls and boys — not to mention grown adults — bawling their eyes out. We just don’t think our little hearts could take it.

But before you don your platinum wigs and start planning the memorial, you might want to take this spoiler with a grain of salt…E! News says that the Tony Award winner was totally joking.

Phew. Still…don’t do that to us, Idina! Sigh. Now we’re even more anxious for the movie to come out.