Claire Beaudreault
October 17, 2017 9:30 am

The cult horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer just turned 20, and we STILL KNOW. What do we know, you might ask? We know that the styles from the campy horror romp are totally ones we’d rock today. As countless ’90s movies hit the two-decade mark, the urban legend-influenced film, which is based on Lois Duncan’s 1973 novel, definitely deserves to be revisited.

The film stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as beauty queen Helen, and Ryan Phillippe as her sultry douchebag beau Barry. Freddie Prinze Jr. portrays affable dingus Ray and Jennifer Love Hewitt fills the horror movie good girl trope as Julie.

The four teens get into some trouble at the end of high school and make a pact to take their secret…to the grave (dun, dun, DUNNNN).

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We won’t spoil the ending — we’re here for the clothes.

Helen’s wardrobe is cropped, cut-out, and slinky. She’s equal parts “bad girl” and “popular girl.” In contrast is Julie, a slightly dorky “good girl” who dresses modestly in long skirts and long-sleeved layers. Where Helen would wear a spaghetti strap tank top alone, Julie would throw a sheer blouse or cardigan on top.

We first meet Helen at a beauty pageant, which (spoiler alert) she wins.

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Here’s how to copy her beauty queen lewk.

Doll Deep V Side Cut Out One-Piece Swimsuit, $79.99


ASOS Truffle Collection Soft Knot Platform Sandals, $34


This was the shoe that went with pretty much every prom dress of that time period.

Julie’s pastel blues are a contrast to Helen’s strappy black cut-outs.

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Here’s how to copy Julie and Helen’s celebratory fashion lewks.

H&M Satin and Lace Camisole Top, $29.99


Express Tie-Front Button Down Shirt, $30.99


Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Meeko Cutout Bodycon Mini Dress, $29.99

Urban Outfitters

Claire’s Caroline Tiara, $24.99


Don’t forget the crown!

Things are about to go down.

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A year after the dramatic night that changed their lives, the girls reunite. Julie is back from her first year at college, and Helen, who didn’t quite make it to New York City, is working at her dad’s department store.

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Here’s how to recreate their post-high school outfits.

Guess Clara Striped Shirt, $24.50


Free People Metal Upper Armband, $28

Free People

A ubiquitous ’90s accessory.

Boohoo Stacy Denim Dungarees, $28


Collegiate AF.

The girls get into some Nancy Drew-meets-Scooby Doo antics.

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Spaghetti strap camis are one ’90s revival look that isn’t going anywhere, so here’s how to get the leading ladies’ lewks.

Forever 21 Crushed Velvet Cami, $8.90

Forever 21 Fuzzy Cropped Sweater, $19.90

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Charolette Russe Crochet-Inset Maxi Skirt $12.99

Charlotte Russe

Julie is sick and tired of the terror inflicted on her and her friends.

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…but her lariat and choker layers are on point.

GirlPROPS set of 2 lariat chokers, $6.99


Moon Pendant Velvet Choker- Claire’s, $9.50


Helen has a climactic moment in a green satin midi dress, too.

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ASOS One Shoulder Cami Drape Hammered Satin Dress, $32


See you next year for the 20th anniversary of the sequel, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.