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Updated May 01, 2018 11:34 am
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If there’s one creepy, fictional family you know, it’s probably The Addams Family. That’s why, on this Monday’s Babes or Bust, which falls on the day before Halloween, we couldn’t honor anyone other than the one and only Morticia Addams.

The fictional matriarch of The Addams Family was brought life by cartoonist Charles Addams in the 1930s.

It is a lesser-known fact that Morticia was based on Charles Addams’ first wife Barbara, and that her character originates from the series of cartoons that Charles created for The New Yorker.

Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles

Morticia, if you didn’t know and couldn’t already tell, is a witch.

Her lineage comes from none other than Salem. Charles Addams once described Morticia as:

Morticia was portrayed by a few notable actresses. Carolyn Jones played the role in the 1960s television series The Addams Family. Anjelica Huston memorably represented her in the 1991 film The Addams Family, as well as in the 1993 sequel Addams Family Values. Actress Daryl Hannah played Morticia the film Addams Family Reunion, in 1998.

One of our favorite iconic lines from the matriarch?

So here’s to the modern women like Morticia, trying to have it all, and also conjuring their magic whenever they can.