hook film horror movie trailer
Credit: TriStar Pictures

We haven’t made it halfway through the week and already something on the internet has sufficiently traumatized us. Because absolutely nothing is sacred to twisted world wide web dwellers, there exists a Hook horror film trailer that basically scared the bejesus out of us. Obviously, Steven Spielberg’s 1991 fantasy film is one of those amazing childhood movies that will always hold a special nostalgic place in our hearts, so this horror spin on an old-school fave feels downright creepy.

However, if you think we’re going to let a terrifying recut of the film ruin the past 25 years of re-watching bliss, you have another thing coming. Case in point: A recent Kickstarter for a prequel about Rufio means newer, happier thoughts are on the way. But before we can get to the light, we’re gonna have to experience a little bit of darkness, which means sitting through this Hook horror trailer.

Honestly, Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal of Hook has always had us shaking in our boots, but this brief clip makes him out to be even more monstrous than we remembered.

Luckily, the trailer largely spares our Neverland favorites — it’s mostly comprised of the film’s introductory scenes with Robin Williams (yay!) and doesn’t include beloved characters like Tink and the Lost Boys — but it somehow makes us feel even worse about Peter Pan’s kids being kidnapped and terrorized by the one-handed, bewigged tyrant.

Yikes! That was pretty intense, right? We’re going to have to go back and re-watch this video of the Lost Boys’ reunion to recover from this blow to our childhood nostalgia.