jungle book
Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Sometimes we get nervous to watch an Honest Trailer for a beloved movie because we know that the good people at Screen Junkies (the brilliant minds behind these trailers) are really spectacular about pointing out obvious plot holes or character issues we often overlook. But in the Honest Trailer for Disney’s live action The Jungle Book, the biggest issue they focus on is the fact that this is an absolutely visually stunning movie and it’s mind-blowing to think about how something like this was actually brought to life.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/giphy

Of course, they start by pointing out that this is certainly not the first time in recent history that Disney has brought one of its animated classics to life. Nor is it the unique among the “talking animal” genre (we see you, Zootopia).

But what it is unique is the fact that (at least the trailer argues) that it significantly improved upon the original story.

Then, in typical Honest Trailer form, it starts to call out some hilariously accurate ways that you can also describe the flick.

The narrator calls the film, “This winning combination of The Lion King, a Ben Kingsley nature documentary, and a kid-friendly version of The Revenant.”

They go into details about just how crazy the behind-the-scenes of such a CGI-heavy film actually are, with tons of people in bodysuits and insane amounts of technology. You realize that, despite the fact that everything on the screen feels super real, there is only one main character who isn’t computer generated.

And, true-to-form, they nail their description of Mowgli, calling him, “A parkour-loving orphan MacGuyver.”

There’s also a pretty solid Christopher Walken cowbell reference (in honor of one of the most iconic SNL sketches of all time, of course) and some entertainingly accurate feedback on the two famous song numbers that were adapted from the original film.

Oh, and they point out the number of times “man-cub” is said and, though we never even thought about it before, they are totally right that it’s pretty ridiculously amount.

All in all, they agree with us that The Jungle Book was an absolute spectacle with a totally enthralling story told by a crazy talented cast that took an insane amount of work to bring to life. Watch the whole trailer below to enjoy their spin on the movie yourself.